Soaring with Cockatoos

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The story of Australia is rarely told, perhaps because we have a romantic view of the old Aussie. But alas it is, as usual, one of death and destruction and lies. The author has told the story from both the white immigrant and Aboriginal point of view.

The early settlers and the Aborigine of the Banubi tribe are soon in conflict. Despite the ‘Whites’ trying not to be seen as slavers and invaders of the aborigine land, they nevertheless cause an onslaught of discussion in their endless desire for land and gold. The Banubi have as many heroes and villains as their conquerors and in the end you are left in doubt as the complexities of the Aboriginal peoples and their sad defeat.

In showing both sides of the conflict we see how the only way would have been for the ‘white man’ to leave Australia forever, but also for the indigenous people to remain and fight in all arenas meeting the ‘Whites’ with their great pride and nobility intact.

The author takes us through the story with a sensitivity which allows us to see both sides, well worth reading and very thought provoking.

Here is a 6 min interview with Trevor Steele about this book:


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