As though everything depended on me

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Journalists, if they are honest and capable, are among the strongest guardians of democracy. No tyranny can tolerate them, no democracy can function without them. For this reason they are among the most endangered people on our planet. In the tumultuous period of German history between the World Wars a brave journalist, having survived the horrors of the First World War and determined to prevent another war, had to oppose all forms of chauvinism, especially the rising tide of Nazism. In that time of moral degeneration Kurt Lenz raised his eloquent voice against barbarism. When the barbarians triumphed, he refused to flee. He believed that each one of us has to act as though everything depended on him. His type of courage, greater than that of even the bravest frontline soldier, could have only one outcome at that time. With this novel the author wishes to pay tribute to those courageous journalists and their counterparts in today’s world.

Below is a 5 min interview with Trevor Steele about this book:

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