Soaring with Cockatoos

“Soaring with Cockatoos” takes us to 19th century Australia when the expansion of European civilisation spelled disaster for the original inhabitants. Rarely did the Aborigines succeed in opposing the invasion, but one tribe led by a charismatic young man did for a time.

The Photo Album

“The Photo Album” ranges over many decades of the 20th and 21st centuries. The main focus is on the lives of ordinary people, but world events are always in the background. The joys, tragedies, embarrassments, and humour of everyday life are all there.

Fatal Empires

Why did Russia, in contrast to other European powers, have no overseas empire in the 19th century? There was at least one attempt, but it was thwarted by the “agent”, who did not want to enslave the “natives”. Read about that it “Fatal Empires”.