Reluctant Messiah

Mary Magdalene was certainly rich by the standards of the day, but she was no whore. Her father had established an export business. That father was also a pharisee who hoped to attract Jesus to that “school”. The pharisees were friendly to Jesus, in contrast to the traditional image.

As Though Everything Depended on Me

World War II was even more destructive, but World War I was more traumatic and set the stage for the rest of that violent century. To understand Hitler — and his opponents, like Kurt Lenz — we have to know about that horror of 1914-18. This novel gives some graphic insights.

Winter 1968

In 1968 Germany was the most affluent nation, but still needed to “digest” its violent past. A small part of the population was made up of individual survivors of the war from other countries who had suffered terribly, but for various reasons could not go back to their original countries. Read about their fate in “Winter 1968”.