Winter 1968

What was Germany like like in 1968? The world’s most prosperous country, but still with outworn structures (hence the student unrest) and traces of the horrors of 1933 – 1945.
Follow the young English academic Mark in his adventures there in “Winter 1968”.

Fatal Empires

“Fatal Empires” tells the story of a Russian scientist sent in the 19th century to “validate” his country’s “right” to claim an island as part of its empire because he had spent a year there (that was an agreement among the European big powers). But Maklin grew to love the people whose land he was supposed to help annex. Then he had problems in the British colony Queensland because of his anti-racist stance. The story gives us a broad picture of life at the heyday of colonialism.

God Has No Church

“God Has No Church” is an adventure story set on a Pacific island. The population are living in harmony with their environment till a tsunami strikes: that gives an unscrupulous Australian tourist company the chance to convert the island into a resort for rich tourists. We also meet a photo-journalist on the brink of nervous collapse from witnessing too many catastrophes; a charismatic priest who no longer believes his church’s doctrines; a corrupt president, and other colorful characters.

Paradise Stolen

“Paradise Stolen” tells the story of the destruction of the Tasmanian Aborigines at the hands of the invading British in the 19th century. Land hunger and ignorance rather than outright malice were the basic causes. The tragic irony was that the man who accelerated the destruction was the only one who liked the Aborigines and actually learned one or two languages, but finally betrayed them.