As Though Everything Depended on Me

Are we seeing a resurgence of fascism or a similar rigid nationalism and xenophobia in today’s world? The classic example is of course Germany’s slide into barbarity in the early 1930’s. But there were far-sighted people who knew what was coming, even if they had no idea of the horrific scale of Nazi crimes. Read about those far-sighted people in my novel “As Though Everything Depended on Me” (the guiding principle of the hero). A lesson very relevant today.


Kurt Lenz, having survived the horrors of the First World War, made it his mission to oppose all forms of national chauvinism. He became one of the leading journalists in the interwar period in Germany, which made him an obvious target for the Nazis as soon as they took over in January 1933. We need more brave , incorruptible and talented journalists like him today. Read his story in “As Though EVerything Depended on Me” (his slogan).

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