Winter 1968

Germany in 1968 was highly politicised, and the general tendency was leftward (a contrast to the present day). A conservative young Englishman goes there to absorb the language and culture, and almost by accident finishes up looking after the most wretched people in the country: stateless victims of Hitler who have committed crimes in Germany after the War and cannot return to their eastern European countries. Mark, the Englishman, also meets attractive women who play a big role in his changing views on life. But there are dangers lurking and threatening him.

Read about it in “Winter 1968”.

Fatal Empires

An epic novel set in PNG and the British colony of Queensland in the 19th century, when European colonialism reached its peak. The convention was that if a representative of a colonial power spent one year on territory not yet gobbled up by any European state, his state could claim that land as its colony. But what if the “representative” — in this case a Russian — refused to cooperate and did not want the “natives’ to be annexed?

Read about it in “Fatal Empires”.

Winter 1968

1968 was a tumultuous year on both sides of the Iron Curtain. This story traces the development of a rather conservative young Englishman under the influence of events and people in Germany. It also portrays the fate of Hitler’s “last victims”, men whose lives were destroyed by their abductions as boys to work as slaves in the Third Reich. There is also an “eternal triangle: will Mark choose Ulrike, his “teacher” in many respects, or Alice, his initiator into the joys of sex?

The Photo Album

A 2-volume chronicle of the life of the members of an Australian family from about 1939 to the present. Variations of style abound, depending on the character portrayed. The life of the family also reflects greater events occurring in the world, in particular the Cold War and later the war in Vietnam. However, the main focus is on the individual developments of the very contrasting characters, their social relationships, their dreams, and sometimes their early deaths.

As Though Everything Depended on Me

Many people see alarming signs of incipient fascism in Trump’s America. But it is still nowhere near
being full-blown Hitlerism. The drama of Germany’s slide into Nazism is certainly one of the most
dramatic events of the last century. And there were some people, especially journalists, who saw
the danger right from the start. My novel “As Though Everything Depended on Me” is a tribute to
a small band of brilliant journalists who paid a terrible price for their opposition to the
rising barbarity,