God Has No Church

Have you heard of the “shock doctrine”? Basically it’s the tactic of unscrupulous military or commercial actors that exploit a situation of a population in distress to achieve aims that population would reject in more normal circumstances. A bit like a boxer who goes for the kill when the opponent is in a bad way.

There is a good example of the “shock doctrine” in my novel God Has No Church.

Reluctant Messiah

Do you find it impossible to believe the traditional Christian version that  Jesus was divine, but are nevertheless impressed by his personality? After all, he definitely is one of the outstanding figures in human history, whatever else he may have been. Would you like to read a version of his life without the many layers of theological wrapping? Then try my novel Reluctant Messiah.

As Though Everything Depended on Me

More than one journalist has seen some similarities between current political developments in various countries (the USA being a prime example) and the advent of Hitler and his hooligans. Not many of us are aware of the courageous resistance to the Nazis by some sections of the German press. You can read about that in my novel As Though  Everything Depended on Me, a tribute to those doomed heroes.

God Has No Church

The new novel, God Has No Church, is an adventure story set on a Pacific island. It has many elements: the psychological stress of a photo journalist whose specialty is war scenes; religious discussions; the “shock doctrine” employed by unscrupulous corporations that exploit people in distress; a harmonious simple lifestyle contrasted with the ecological dash for the precipice in modern countries; corruption in government and collusion with big corporations; and love, the eternal topic.


Trevor Steele

Trevor Steele is an Australian author who was born in 1940. He was a teacher and travelled extensively. Many of his books are influenced by his travels but he has also written some books with Australian themes, such as the persecution of Aborigines in Tasmania. Although now officially retired, he still teaches history at a Steiner school. He speaks several languages, including German and Esperanto.

Kiu estas Trevor Steele?

Trevor Steele estas aŭstralia aŭtoro kiu naskiĝis en 1940. Li estis instruisto kaj multe vojaĝis. Multe da liaj libroj estas influitaj de liaj vojaĝoj sed li ankaŭ verkis librojn pri Aŭstraliaj temoj, ekzemple la persekuto de Aborigenoj en Tasmanio. Kvankam li oficiale retiriĝis, li ankoraŭ instruis historion. Li parolas plurajn lingvojn, inkluzive de la germana kaj Esperanto. Li estis membro de la Esperanto-Akademio kaj instruis Esperanton interalie en Pollando kaj Litovio.

God Has No Church

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My latest novel is set on a Pacific island just devastated by a tsunami. A well-known Australian photo-journalist discovers that there is a plot by a large tourist company to  exploit the situation to convert the island into a resort for  rich foreigners, which will destroy the harmonious way of life of the locals. The journalist is also going through a crisis from his own gory work on battlefields and places of natural catastrophes. His salvation is his love for an island girl and the struggle to save the islanders.