Who is Trevor Steele?

Trevor Steele kun kravatoTrevor Steele is an Australian author who was born in 1940. He was a teacher and travelled a lot. Many of his books are influenced by his travels but he has written some typically Australian books too, about the persecution of Aborigenes in Tasmania and the successful resistance (for some years) of European invasion of Aboriginal land in the Kimberleys, for example. His novels are largely historical and cover a wide range of subjects. He is now retired but still very active in the teaching of Esperanto and writing in both Esperanto and English.

Consult the book lists above. Any comments are welcome.

Link to Trevor on:

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  1. Mi aparte rekomendas “Kaj staros tre alte”. Kaj nun mi ĵus legis “Australia Felix”. Tute alia mondoparto kaj etoso.

  2. Thanks to Trevor for the translation of my excerpt ” The Cyber War Conspiracy”
    You want to know more how it goes on? Her´s the link to the translation project. It´s a crowdfounding project on:


    and of course to the website:

    If you support – thanks a lot in advance! Trevor will hopefully do the translation from german into english!

    With regards from Germany
    Thomas Biehlig
    Author of the Book ” Die Nanolithografie- A true sci fi techno thriller!
    In german:

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